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Purchase Art by Lar Shackelford - Etsy.com ArtbyUs.com Ebay.com are just a few of the sites and galleries selling Shackelford's Art!

Purchase Art by Lar Shackelford

Etsy Close Out Sale In Progress!
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Lar Shackelford's Higher End Paintings and Art are in his Ebay Store and on ArtbyUs.com.
His Photography is of Moderate Price Range at these locations.

Lar's Showing in Nottingham, England!
You'll enjoy the View from the Top Gallery
Top Floor, Waterstone's,
1-5 Bridlesmith Gate
Nottingham NG1 2GR UK
Tel 0845.058.1113

On sale at Tulsa Art and Treasures Gallery, Tulsa, OK, USA!

Available at the Redstreake Gallery

Lar has also just completed contracts for licensing for his art on jewelry items, decorative tiles, garden stakes, landscape and residential Tuscan style tiles, crafting & needlepoint kits. You'll be able to purchase his art on these items. Stop back by soon to learn more.

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