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Artisan/Santa Fe - Since 1975, Artisan/Santa Fe art materials have been chosen by world renown artists. Wide selection, great savings and outstanding customer service on extensive in-stock and hard to find art supplies.  They also carry books, easels, panels, canvas, palettes, artist and brush sets, along with stretcher boxers to list but a few items.

Art Supplies!

Fine-Art.com - d'ART is an Internet Art Network.  It's an effort of 5,479 websites to help people find and research art.  The Community a d'ART promotes interactivity among art enthusiasts.  One can research or post various critiques, rants, and raves about any artist, be they modern or from previous eras.

Site full great art - wonderful for the classics!

The Artist's Magazine - Teaches artists of all skills how to paint and draw better, and how to sell their work professionally.  Artists learn firsthand from other artists via written instruction and high-quality reproductions, which guide readers step-by-step through the creative process.  The Artist's Magazine Web Site has books, tips, links and the Artist's Sketchbook at your fingertips."

Super educational and sales publication and site about art for artists!

Grace Slick - Best known as a rock singer for Jefferson Airplane/Starship.  Now she prefers a paintbrush to a microphone.  While painting professionally her work has been very well received by collectors as well as critics.  Her subjects include friends and fellow musicians, such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia.  She paints the souls of those to which she feels a true connection.  See her art at the Peabody Gallery online.

Particularly beautiful - Grace Slick's 'Alice in Wonderland' Art!

Alex Grey - Grey's unique series of 21 life-sized paintings, the Sacred Mirrors, take the viewer on a journey toward their own divine nature by examining, in detail, the body, mind, and spirit.  The paintings present the physical and subtle anatomy of an individual in the context of cosmic, biological and technological evolution and show the human body in a vision of "x-ray" and multiple layers of reality.

Check out the art of Alex Grey - profound - don't miss it!

Fourteen sections dedicated to the fine arts; artists, galleries, ceramic, prints, museums, collections, art contests, art books, aboriginal art, outsider art, art photography, exclusive paintings by P. P.Pasolini.  Site selected by the Encyclopúdia Britannica "as one of the best on the Internet".

Informative and intereseting site of over 4600 pages!

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