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Take a Look at Some of Our Favorite Links on the Net!
Interesting Links

Etsy - One of the fastest growing arts and crafts spots in the net!  Etsy is called the place to buy and sell all things handmade.  Enjoy the work of all kinds of artists and of course painters and photographers like Lar at this great site.  You'll also find every thing from Furniture, to Clothing to Candles, along with Housewares, Ceramics and Pottery, even items for Pets!  Etsy is simply a great site to view, buy or sell all kinds of items and some you hadn't even thought about.  Check it out starting with Lar's photography and paintings of course!

Click here to see Lar's Etsy Art for Sale!

ArtbyUs.com - Contemporary Artwork from Self-Representing Artists and Serious Art Galleries.  An online marketplace for contemporary, fine art paintings and abstract art direct from the artists  If you are looking for fine art prints, original oil, acrylic or watercolor art paintings, the site has over 2500 registered artists.  ArtByUs.com Art Auctions creates the bridge between recognized artists, fine art galleries, interior designers, and art collectors.  Check Lar's art for sale at Art by Us!

Click here to see Lar's Art at ArtbyUs.com!

My Space - A spot not just for kids anymore, it's one of the most successful blog spots online.  Being joined now by everyone from Actors to Musicians to Artists, MySpace.com is a fun spot to spend a few hours and learn more about the world and people partcipating in the online blog venue.  Check out Lar's My Space Blog by clicking the My Space logo to take a look at some of his most current thoughts and originally created art works.

Click here to see Lar's My Space Blog!

YouTube - Catch the World's latest video's at YouTube.com.  Founded in February 2005, YouTube touts itself as the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through the Web.  YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.  The site shows current events, videos about hobbies and interests, and quirky and unusual videos.  See Lar Shackleford's YouTube videos published on his video blog by clicking the YouTube logo below.

Click here to see Lar's YouTube Videos!

EBSQ Art - The original, premiere group of artists on Ebay who are self representing and sell art on Ebay.  The group and site has tools and services offered for the benefit of those artists.  Touted as a great artist's community, the group has members at all levels of their careers whom are willing to share their insight.  The site and community is built around message boards and chat and strengthened by group projects such as themed art shows and educational services.  Their air of nurturing from artist to artist is a nice side bar benefit with the air of camaraderie.  Click to see more of Lar's art here, too!

Click here - learn more about self representing artists and see Lar's Art at EBSQ!

KellyMoore.net - 5th Generation Arkansas Native Kelly Moore is a Self Taught Artist currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico who has no formal training as an Artist.  His Original, Expressive work has been referred to as Outsider Art, Art Brut, Raw Art, Low Brow and Visionary Art.  His intuitive style and technique reflects a Raw, Primitive, Mythic quality that is frequently juxtaposed with a startling Innocence.

The Art of Kelly Moore!

Scotland Art.com, the largest original art website in Scotland.  The organization has over 1300 original paintings for sale, lease or rent in stock.  Over 150 Scottish artists and British artists and Sculptors are represented at their Glasgow Art Gallery and the Edinburgh Gallery & online.


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