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Lar's Biography and Training!
More of Lar's Biography

Artist, Lar Shackelford of Fine Art Shack

"I work with several mediums. I am painting most but I work with photography in 35mm, two and a quarter - medium formats along with digital. My paintings involve acrylic and oil. Now and then I do water colors and drawings. For several years, I've been experimenting with mixed media adding textures and surprise elements into multi-panel abstract pieces. I'm surprised how much of a following my textured work of this kind has and the comments I get about it."

Modern Loft Art! Cats in the Window at Sunset! Colorful Abstract!

"I was trained in Radio - TV - Film Art in college at the University of Texas. After, I worked in TV news for 13 years as a videographer. I served as head videographer here in Texas at several network affiliates and also worked in Oklahoma. Later I became News Assignments Editor back in Texas while overseeing the writing and shooting of news with an entire team of TV journalists. Eventually I left that world."

Coming Soon - Lake Landscape! Secret Tree Universe - 4 Panels! Buddha - Coming Soon!

"I also work with computer graphic art in Professional programs. Reclaiming my previous art form, I am working with transferring video art to computer and have begun to acquire consumer type computer programs to hone in on this process. I have several video pieces I have done that are set to music in computer format as part of that solo learning experience."

In Rothko Appreciation Abstract! 8 Panel Cave Art Petroglyph Painting!

"Some of the awards I've won were awards for spot TV news video, for my web site, Fine Art Shack based on design, and for the art itself displayed on it. I have an online gallery of my art here at Fine Art Shack Gallery that will give you a taste of the various media in my work."

Click to see my web site.

As the world eagerly awaits more of Lar's fine, quality, unique creativity his fans enjoy Lar's work here online.  Feel free to let us know if Lar can answer any questions about his work shown on this site.  Lar also receives commissioned art requests on an individual and limited basis when time permits.  Lar's work is currently scheduled and on exhibit at several galleries, as shown on his first page here.

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