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Fine Art Shack Gallery - Our Award Winning Artist, Lar Shackelford's Biography!
Artist's Biography 
Lar Shackelford - Texas
A peak at some of the tools for Lar Shackelford's art!
You'll enjoy prints from FineArtShackgallery.com for years to come!Our artist, Lar Shackelford is a former award winning Associated Press News videographer creating original fine art.  He is currently hand painting both oil and acrylic paintings on canvas along with water colors as well as abstract mixed media pieces.  Lar also works with his original photography, in 35 mm, digital, and professional medium format cameras.  Lar's photography is sometimes altered digitally slightly for the purpose of being enhanced much like commercial art directors have done for years.  Other works are completely "raw" un-retouched, printed directly from film.  Lar also enjoys creating original digital computer art and graphics.  Feel free to ask how ANY of his art is created.  Lar enjoys sharing about his creative processes.

FineArtShackGallery.com - Unique Modern Paintings, Photography and Art!Lar is married with two grown children.  His entire family enjoys their numerous pets, including a Golden Retriever, Austin and a Labrador Retriever, Dallas.  They are his subjects and models for a number of his Golden Retriever and dog art pieces.  Lar and his family and have a great love for their three cats, Siamese and a Persian-Mix.  They are perfect playmates for his lovable Retrievers.

FineArtShackGallery.com - Photographic Jamaican Art!Lar Shackelford resides in Texas and is a life long still photographer.  He finds his work behind the camera, be it video or still forms, has helped him immensely in his love and application of other creative art and for his latest variety of mixed media art abstract paintings.  Shackelford's web site - Fine Art Shack highlights Pet and Animal art including the wonderful world of Golden Retrievers and Siamese cats.

The quality of Lar's prints is beyond belief! Lar's web site also contains original paintings on canvas, fine Art prints, original photography, large contemporary modern abstracts, Pop Art, enormous Decorator Loft Art, nudes, florals, Texas Pop Culture, Caribbean & Tropical Art, crosses, Spiritual Art, landscapes, and Piano Guitar Art.

ACA 2006 Winner.   ACA 2007 Winner
Lar is an ACA Award Winner for His Original Photography, and Nominated for his Paintings.

Check out Lar's new exhibit in person in the Caribbean!A natural talent, this videographer took a paint brush in hand about thirteen years ago.  Never having painted before, Lar took off for realms beyond his wildest dreams.  Shackelford continues to work with video of his own artistic creations from his travels, for fun, or family archives.  He is still widely known across the Southwest and respected for his expert TV video technique in shooting sports, particularly football.  Be it brawn or blossom, Lar uses his creativity beautifully, each piece in it's own unique spectrum.

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